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Early word is that Blade Runner 2049, one amongst the year’s most anticipated movies, is terrific.

Many critics who’ve seen director Denis Villeneuve’s film (in theaters Oct. 6), that groups Ryan goose and Harrison Ford, ar hailing the formidable work.

Terms like breathtaking, mind-blowing and masterpiece ar being generously besprent around Twitter.

Ford returns quite 3 decades once leading because the replicant-hunting Blade Runner in sea turtle Scott’s original 1982 film.

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Blade Runner 2049


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It’s nothing however praise for Denis Villeneuve’s newest

Reactions to the primary screenings of Blade Runner 2049, Denis Villeneuve’s sequel to sea turtle Scott’s 1982 sci-fi epic, have appeared on-line and that they ar overpoweringly positive.

The most consistent line of praise the film has been obtaining is for Villeneuve’s direction. Early remarks decision it gorgeous, “hypnotic and immersive,” cementing Villeneuve in concert of the most effective huge budget film administrators of the generation. That’s not trope, either.

One critic aforesaid Blade Runner 2049’s plot line is additional compelling than the original’s. different critics have noticed that the sequel is therefore heavily tied into Scott’s Blade Runner, that it’ll be tough for reviews to be entirely spoiler free. If you’re one amongst the numerous those who desires to understand as very little as attainable heading into the picture, it’s best to not scan any reviews … or any longer during this article, either.

Blade Runner 2049 takes place thirty years once the events of Blade Runner. a brand new Blade Runner, LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), should notice Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) once he discovers a secret that might lead to the destruction of the planet as they comprehend it.

Collected below ar a sample of early reactions to Blade Runner 2049

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